Your Sneeze’s “Butterfly Effect”


Now what?

If the sneeze/cough went into the air

Airborne germs can be the most infectious and fastest to travel (in case you need a reminder). Even landing on a surface, germs can survive for minutes and sometimes days.

If you caught the sneeze/cough with your hands

That’s better, but unless you properly washed/sanitized your hands it can be just as bad as not covering your mouth. You can contaminate the next 7 surfaces you touch and considering you touch your face every 6 to 12 minutes, surface to hand contamination can happen in a busy building pretty fast.

If you caught the sneeze/cough in your antecubital region (or elbow pit)

That’s the best option. Hopefully you don’t have to change your shirt now, but that will prevent (or at least greatly limit) surface contamination.

Please Remember

Germs travel easily…only when we allow them to.

Trap those coughs and sneezes like a vampire and sanitize your hands properly and often!

Picture by Placbo

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