Wash Your Hands From Dirtiest To Cleanest Areas

What’s the dirtiest part of your hands? Anyone who has participated in our free seminar knows. It’s under your fingernails.

medium_1921715651Why? Because it gives the perfect living conditions for bacterial growth. It’s dark, probably somewhat moist, and it’s protected from agitation. Just add some germs and you got a nice little colony under there.

Second place: Between your fingers. This is for similar reasons, but it’s not as ideal as under your fingers.

Third Place: Back of your hands and wrists

Last place: Your palms and finger pads

If you wash your hands in that order, you are almost guaranteed to wash your hands for the proper amount of time (at least 30 seconds) and you know you are doing a thorough job. Just make sure to use enough product (at least 3 ml, slightly less than a teaspoon).

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