Tips For Effective Vacuuming – Part 1

Effective vacuuming at home should be pretty easy. All you have to do is fire up the vacuum and run it back and forth over your carpets, right? You can do that and probably do an okay job picking up what you can see. But what you can’t see, may do you and your family much greater harm.

2 Reasons For Vacuuming

1. For Appearance: to extract the soils and particles that you can see.

What we spend most of our time doing

Vacuuming for appearance is important and not only makes your home look clean, but extends the life of your carpet by removing hard soils that can damage carpet fibers. If your carpet is directional (you can see the vacuum passes), it also looks really nice when you’re done.

2. For Health: to remove the germs and allergens that you cannot see.

What we SHOULD spend most of our time doing

Vacuuming for health is about vacuuming the hard to reach areas on a fairly regular basis (at least monthly and more often during the winter) to keep your home from becoming a germ factory. Germs cannot easily live in the higher traffic areas because of the constant movement and agitation. Under furniture and in corners and edges are the best places for mold, germs, and other allergens to thrive and colonize.

Use these tips to optimize your vacuuming…

Carpet Vacuuming Tip #1

Use the correct settings

If your vacuum has a setting to control the height of the roller brush, make sure it’s set to the correct height.

What is the correct height? First, set it to the highest setting, the roller is probably not touching the carpet fibers. Now, click down until the roller brush just touches the carpet fibers. That is the perfect setting.

When you set it to the lowest setting, you will feel a lot of resistance and it feels like you’re working hard. Unfortunately, that hard work is for nothing, because when the roller brush setting is too low you are:

  1. Not allowing enough airflow for the vacuum to pick up any particles. The roller brush is supposed to loosen soils for the vacuum to suck up. But, if the settings are too low and the airflow is restricted, many particles will be left behind.
  2. Making the vacuum work way too hard. The blower motor and the belt driver will be working extra hard for nothing. Which will greatly reduce the operational life of your vacuum
  3. noogieDamaging the carpet fibers. It might feel good to put the carpet fibers and your arm through a workout, but you are actually damaging the carpet. Carpets are made to have very light agitation when the fibers are dry. The roller brush only hitting the very top of each fiber is perfect. When the setting is too low, it’s like you’re giving your carpet a noogie…ouch!

Next week’s tip :: What’s better, a bagged or bag-less vacuum?

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