The Salad Experiment

Imagine this scenario. You go out to a restaurant, eat some really tasty foods, and have a great time eating them. It could be pizza, Chinese food, spaghetti & meatballs, turkey dinner, or any other comfort food that we know isn’t so good for us.

It tastes good, smells good, and just plain feels good while you’re eating it. Many times it feels so good you keep eating until you can’t fit anymore food in your body (kind of like Thanksgiving)…Then you lean back…satisfied…until the next several hours of your life happen.

small__2279829977All those good feelings are now gone and you feel tired, overfed, bloated, and uncomfortable. You’re cursing yourself for eating all that food.

There are several reasons why this happened, which will make for too long of a post for now, but, I think we can all agree that eating all that food was a mistake.

I would like you to consider trying an experiment. Instead of eating a meal because it is tasty and fun while eating, but will have negative consequences later. Try eating a meal that isn’t the most delicious food ever, but you’ll feel much better afterwards. I’m calling it the “Salad Experiment.”

Here’s how it works:

At home. Prepare a big salad (I like to use a large mixing bowl) with all of your favorite vegetables and lots of greens. Raw (and hopefully local and/or organic) produce is some of the healthiest food on the planet. You can even add a protein that has been prepared as simply and cleanly as possible. Throw in some nuts, seeds, or beans. Now eat it…no dressing!

Out to eat. Order the largest salad without cheese, bacon, croutons, etc. Add grilled chicken or salmon…no dressing (get ready for some looks). Then eat it.

That’s it!

My wife and I experienced this recently and we were really glad we did. Just today I was at a new restaurant in Sturbridge, Teddy G’s, and I got the large house salad with grilled chicken…no dressing. It was very good and I feel great now. No lunch coma or loss of energy at all. I wanted to order the Cajun chicken sandwich with fries, but I would be so tired the rest of the day and I knew that was not good for me.

If you decide to give it a try, please share how it went in the comments.

I’m not saying this is how you should eat all of your meals, but adding a big salad into your diet on a regular basis is a great idea. You would be eating for the nutrient value over the taste sensation, and your body will be glad you did.

Good luck with the ‘Salad Experiment.” I promise, you will survive (unless you have food allergies) and be better off for it!

Photo by Corey Balazowich

2 thoughts on “The Salad Experiment

  1. I have also recently been forced to change my eating habits because of a gluten intolerance and after two weeks I lost 10 pounds and felt great! I had cravings for pizza, pasta and bread for about three months and then they were gone! The benefits of having no pain out weighed my desire to eat those foods! 10 months later I only eat fruits, nuts, vegetables and animal products, mostly fish nothing processed. My weight has stabilized and I feel great!

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