Where To Shop For Food In Worcester County

Finding places to buy food in Worcester County is pretty easy, but finding places to buy healthy food is a little more challenging.

By no means is this an exhaustive list, so please add your favorite places in the comments.

Farmers’ Markets and Community Supported Agriculture Crop Shares

Try to make this your first stop. Locally grown and raised plant and animal foods are the best foods for you. They are usually harvested when ripe and only a short while before your purchase, this is when they are the highest in nutrient value. More details can be found in the article, How To Shop For Food.

Markets & Supermarkets

Wegmans (Northboro, close to the Christmas Tree Shops in Shrewsbury)

WegmansNo matter where you live in Worcester County, making the drive out to Wegmans at least once a month is worth it. Try to go mid-week in the middle of the day, weekends are crazy.

Their selection of healthy foods and staff knowledge are outstanding, that’s why they are consistently one of the top employers in the nation (number 5 by Fortune in 2013).

They have an amazing array of bulk nuts, seeds, and organic teas. Their fresh food selection is remarkable and their Wegmans brand staples (like beans and milk) are as good as, if not better then the major brands.

Normal shopping rules still apply, they have plenty of junk foods. But, like my wife told me before my first trip to Wegmans near Buffalo, NY, “You will never look at supermarkets the same way again.”

Stop and Shop

I’ve been impressed with their organic produce selection and other healthy foods options. We shop at the Stop and Shop in Grafton and they always have organic greens and fruits.

The Living Earth (Worcester)

Always a great experience at The Living Earth near the Park Ave./Chandler St. intersection in Worcester. Terrific selection of locally grown produce and locally raised meats. They also have quite a few products like shampoos, soaps, and beauty products made without chemicals.

Isador’s Organics (Oxford, with delivery service)

Isador’s is a great, local market that does quite a bit of delivery service. I recommend checking them out, meeting Justin, learning about what they do, and trying some of their prepared meals too.

Paoletti’s (Sturbridge & Charlton)

I grew up on Paoletti’s produce and continue to shop there. Organic options are available by special request, use this guide to help you decide what vegetable and fruits are best to buy organic or conventionally.

Where do you go for your healthy foods? Please comment on your experiences at any of the food stores listed too!