Public Restrooms, there’s an app for that!

Last week’s article about the best public restrooms in Worcester was inspired by a free app, the SitOrSquat app by Charmin.

photo 2The SitOrSquat app allows you to find clean, public restrooms anywhere in the US. You can review a restroom or add a restroom that is not already included. The more people get involved, the more complete the list. It’s available on all devices and operating systems.

It has its limitations, such as you have to link it to your Twitter or Facebook account. When I linked it to my Twitter account I was concerned it was going to automatically send a tweet every time I used public restroom. So far, it hasn’t tweeted anything.

How It Works

photo 1Once you download the SitOrSquat app and create your account, all you do is start it up and it will find you. Then it gives you a local map with bathroom locations. A green toilet paper icon means clean and a red icon means stay away.

You can zoom in and click on the icons to see the address and read any reviews submitted.

Who Is This Good For?

photo 3I recommend you share this with:

  • Anyone who travels, even a little
  • Anyone with kids
  • Anyone who cares about clean, public restrooms

Why the SitOrSquat app is important

This app is more than a great tool to help travelers, it can communicate to businesses that clean, sanitary restrooms are important and can affect your business. As you look through the list, most are competing restaurants, coffee shops, and convenience stores. These are places where people buy food and no one wants to buy food from a dirty business. If the restrooms are dirty, what does the kitchen look like.

Try to spread the word and if you know any businesses that are included with a red toilet paper icon, tell them. They can do something about the condition of their restrooms and be proactive about getting their rating changed. A good rating can bring in business as well.