Cleaning With Bleach…Please Don’t or Be VERY Careful

Many people love to clean with bleach and I understand why. Generations ago it was a common household cleaner and lots of people grew up associating the bleach smell with clean. It’s the perfect smell to go with clean, because it’s powerful and nothing else smells like it. It also does an okay job as a cleaner, can be used as a disinfectant and it’s cheap.

no_bleach_side3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use Bleach?

1- It’s Dangerous

It’s not just dangerous like it can ruin clothes or discolor surfaces, which it can. It’s dangerous like it’s bad for your health. The fumes alone can cause health problems and don’t ever mix it with anything other than water. This is a great article about the dangers of bleach.

2 – Isn’t “It’s Dangerous” Reason Enough

Before I owned a cleaning business, I was taught that if you got bleach in your eyes you can cause serious damage. Unless you clean your home wearing a face mask and respirator, you and your family are placed in harm’s way, so why use it at all?

3 – It’s Unnecessary

I would say I’ve come across about 95% of the household cleaning issues and I have yet to find a situation where using bleach was the only product to tackle the job or where using bleach was a better option.

What Should You Use Instead?

If you are doing any cleaning in your home, I recommend my ultimate cleaning kit.

Getting your whites whiter, here are 5 options more safe than bleach.

OK bleach lovers, your turn…why am I wrong? Please add in the comments below.