Healthy Food Options…in a Diner?

My wife and I went to Buffalo this past weekend for the Bills/Pats game (she’s a Bills fan). The stadium is actually well south of Buffalo, so we stayed in Hamburg, NY. As we left Monday morning, we were in search of a place to eat breakfast before hitting the road. We prefer to eat at an independent restaurant over a chain or franchise to experience the local flavors. After driving around and asking convenience store employees where to go, we were out of luck and time.

Hungry and driving towards the highway, we saw the Denny’s. I did not want to go. I had never been to a Denny’s, so I judged a book by it’s cover…boy was I wrong…it was surprisingly great.

Denny's Fit FareThis Denny’s was clean and we were seated promptly. When I got the menu, I was prepared to gain 5 pounds just reading the options. Instead, front and center on every page, was the Denny’s Fit Fare. They had a selection of healthier options and they didn’t skimp on the variety.

My wife and I ordered different dishes off the Fit Fare menu and then I thought, “here we go now, the portions are going to be tiny and the fruit will either be old or recently thawed.” I was wrong again, the fruit was ripe and fresh and the portion was perfect.

I can’t speak for every Denny’s and I am not calling it a healthy breakfast, give me my Nutriblast any day. But, since too many restaurants point to their salads as their “Healthy Options” and almost hide them on their menu, I give Denny’s a “Standing-O” for their approach.

Denny’s is still a diner and has their traditional options, which gets them press in articles like this. But, let’s be honest, can’t you go into almost any restaurant and pick their least healthy option and write an article about it. I don’t blame Denny’s for having their pancakes and fried foods, customers want that too, I am congratulating Denny’s for their excellent Fit Fare options and featuring it in their menu, not hiding it.

So, Denny’s Restaurants, I’m sorry for making assumptions, I hope this article makes up for it!