How To Find The Best Carpet Cleaner In Worcester County Or Anywhere

If you need to have your carpets cleaned professionally, you have some homework to do. You could try Yellow Book and randomly pick one or clip a coupon to try to save some money. These might work, but do you really want to roll the dice with a company that will be coming into your home?

You want a carpet cleaner who you can trust to not only do the job right, but also treat you and your home with respect. Here’s what I recommend you do to find the Best Carpet Cleaner in Worcester County.

Contact your neighbor, friend, family member, coworker, fellow church member, gym buddy, Facebook friend, etc. and find out who they have used in the past. Before you ask, “How much did they charge?” Consider asking these questions:

  • Were you pleased with the work performed?
  • Did they show up on time or call you if they were running late?
  • Were they uniformed and professional?
  • Did they communicate with you clearly before performing any services?
  • Were their equipment and tools clean and kept organized?
  • How many technicians came?
  • Did they follow themselves out the door and clean any drips left behind on any hard surfaces?
  • Did they dry vacuum before doing any wet cleaning and extraction?
  • Did they rake the cleaning product in and concentrate on the areas of greatest need?
  • Did they wipe all over-spray off of the baseboards and furniture?
  • Did they tab or Styrofoam block all furniture moved?
  • How long did it take to dry?
  • Did they follow up with you on the phone or in person 24 to 48 hours after the cleaning was done to make sure you are pleased after the carpets were dry?
  • If there were any issues or problems, were they dealt with promptly and to your satisfaction?
  • Were you charged a fair price?

I can tell you from 9 years of experience that every job is so different; it is very difficult to gauge price from asking about a previous job. Hopefully, the carpet cleaning company you choose will have their basic pricing online to get a rough estimate on the services in your home.

Once you get the details from someone you trust, you know you can hire a company with confidence and feel better about who your are welcoming into your home.

If your friends and family cannot refer you to a good company, ask the carpet cleaning company you do call to answer the above questions or to let you speak with one of their customers about their service.