Get Your Kids Cleaning…They’ll Learn More Than You Think!

Cleaning tasks around the house are easier when everyone in the home helps out. This is not news, but you may not have realized that giving your children dedicated cleaning tasks and responsibilities can help them more than it helps you.

Mila Window CleaningEducation today is (or at least should be) changing from content to concepts. The days of memorizing the states and capitals should be behind us since we can get the answer in seconds from our phone. Some might feel this is bad, I think it is good, but we better change what we are teaching to keep up with technology.

If information is plentiful, it’s time to focus on how to use it

Concepts like thinking logically and creatively, problem solving, teamwork, social skills, helping those in need, etc. are now the focus of education and I’m here to say, “getting your kids cleaning can help.” I’m not sure that it’s time to add Floor Waxing 101 to the curriculum, but I do think schools would be much cleaner (and save money) if the students had to help keep it clean.

Here are some concepts that cleaning responsibilities around the home can help to teach your children:

Doing Your Part

Unless your child plans on being a solo astronaut, they will have to learn how to live in a home or community where everyone has a role and helps out. Their future college roommates and boyfriends/girlfriends/spouse will thank you.

Build Character

Cleaning can become a necessary evil. I don’t know anyone who likes looking at dirty dishes or a messy living room after working a long, busy day. Teaching children to “step up to the plate” before being asked strengthens their drive to help and think of others before themselves.

Don’t forget to positively reinforce this behavior.

An Awesome Work Ethic And Attitude

I saw a great quote recently,

“Don’t confuse effort with results.”

This made me think of the cleaning business and (get ready for me to sound old) “kids today.” Often, when we hire a new or younger employee they will work like crazy, but after they are done, the area doesn’t look clean and they get frustrated with me for pointing this out.

I get it and I’ve been there, it’s no fun to put in a lot of effort and not get quality results. But, how dirty, sweaty you got, or how long you were on your hands and knees doesn’t matter, meeting or exceeding expectations does.

This is what makes cleaning a great teaching tool. If you establish the desired result for cleaning the bathroom and you become the quality control officer, you can set your children up for success in any endeavor.

Proper cleaning is: Using the correct tools, techniques, and procedures to achieve the desired results in the least amount of time and with least amount of effort.

Does that sound like anything else? How about EVERYTHING else!

5 Steps To Set Your Child Up For Cleaning Success

  1. Give them the right tools and teach them how to use them
  2. Establish what “clean” means
  3. Teach how to clean each surface and fixture, make sure to reinforce, “just because you wiped it, doesn’t mean it’s clean”
  4. Have a written procedure. Include a specific order and approximate time to complete each task
  5. Leave a place for you to give an inspection score and note for improvement

They Don’t Have To Clean The Whole House

You can pick and choose what rooms, fixtures or furniture gets cleaned. You can also assign tasks based on their age and abilities. Just like in education, the assigned tasks should be slightly above their abilities.

Have a Creative Reward System For Excellent Results

Rewarding children for awesome results is a great idea and you can get creative. Extra time doing their favorite activities or earning credits towards the purchase of desired items. This can be easy if you use a point based inspection system.

Need Help Getting Started?

Email me ( and I will give you a printable checklist for cleaning a variety of spaces. I’ll also include our recommended list of products, procedures and cleaning times. Your kids might be less resistant when they learn they can clean a half bath in 6 minutes!

Note about the picture and video. I’m going for cute and not recommending having a 3 year old clean the house. This is my Niece, not the best cleaner, but at least she is using microfiber!