Rovezzi’s Ristorante

Chef Chris Rovezzi shares his expertise to help people who cook at home.

Listen to his 3 tips:

Tip 1: Garbage In = Garbage Out. Spring for good ingredients
Tip 2: Timing. Prep your side dishes first and keep them warm, then prep the main dish
Tip 3: Don’t be afraid. Recipes are not etched in stone, think of cooking more like an experiment.

Chef Chris’ passion for cooking and customer experience are apparent when dining at Rovezzi’s. His menu is ever changing and his restaurant evolves in parallel with his life experiences and dedication to his craft.

Observing Chef Chris has inspired me a great deal and I have always been satisfied with my evenings at his restaurant, which is why I consider Rovezzi’s Ristorante to be an Awesome Local Business.

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