Need a Technical Reason to Wash Your Hands? Here It Is.

Some people need a scientifically proven reason before they are going to take action…so, here’s the one for better and increased hand washing.

This excerpt from the 262 page World Health Organization’s Guidelines on Hand Hygiene in Health Care:

Hand WashingDuring a typical day, we touch a continuous sequence of surfaces and substances including inanimate objects, other people, mucous membranes, food, waste, body fluids, and our own body. With each hand-to-surface exposure, a bio-directional exchange of microorganisms between hands and the touched object occurs and the transient hand-carried flora is thus continually changing. In this manner, microorganisms can spread throughout a building and between people within a few hours.

What does this mean?

Hand washing is not just about what you touch (or don’t touch) in the bathroom. It’s about everything you touched since the last time you washed your hands!

Proper hand washing, whether by soap and water or hand sanitizer, might just be the most important minute of your day and the day of everyone else around you.

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