My Story

At the end of 2011, I decided I was going to make a change in my lifestyle to improve my health. I was going to dedicate more time to better eating and add fitness into my day. I knew that only by making small changes could I have success, so I changed three things starting New Years Day in 2012.


  1. Committed to working out 3 days per week for 10 minutes a day
  2. Brought my lunch every day
  3. I didn’t eat after 7:30

My workout was only the 100 push-up challenge, which I recommend to anyone looking to get started and the lunches I made were a sandwich and a snack. I heard about not eating after 7:30 from a football player interviewed on the radio and it sounded like a good idea.

These are only small changes that would yield small results, but my goal was not instant weight loss or to drop 2 pant sizes in a week. My goal was to prove to myself that I could make these changes and stick to them.

Once I saw that I could do it and started to feel some small results, I decided to up the ante (after 2 months of staying committed) and added more changes.

  1. I joined the local gym and my wife created a 3 day per week routine for me
  2. I made a huge salad for lunch instead of the sandwich
  3. I drank a ton of water everyday

Then the results started to increase and by the end of May, 2012 I was at my goal weight. I started at around 192 and a 36” waist and 5 months later I was 162 and a 31” waist. The scale was to help monitor I was on the right track, but it took about 6 weeks before I noticed a difference on the scale. The biggest difference was in how my clothes fit.

During that period I researched nutritional health and received a certification as a Fitness Nutrition Specialist from the National Association of Sports Medicine. I also read many additional book and watched every documentary I could get my hands on.

Later that year I added better nutrition to my diet and a more intense workout. My weight doesn’t change, but my dimensions do and my longterm goal is a continued journey of better health. I now enjoy sharing what I have experienced and learned through one-on-one sessions and our public health seminars.

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