Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, All I Can Say Is WOW

mr-clean-magic-eraser_05102010131819The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is an outstanding tool and does jobs that you would never expect it to. Such as removing hard water spots on chrome, marks on walls, trim, and doors. It can clean bathroom and kitchen fixtures, as well as furniture.

The Magic Eraser is primarily melamine foam and works with only water. The details can be found here. But, before you start using it for everything, you should know a few things:

  • Be accurate and only rub the eraser directly on top of the stain or mark you are trying to remove.
  • Always test the surface in an inconspicuous area because it will remove everything, not just the mark
  • Some surfaces may be permanently damaged like plastic and painted surfaces. Don’t use it on the front of your microwave or other plastic covered kitchen appliances.
  • Only use water. Some cleaning products will eat away at the eraser and it won’t work.
  • It will leave a residue (little bits of foam) that needs to be wiped off

They look like a sponge, but think of them like a pencil eraser. Once it gets really small and somewhat dirty, it will still work. Use it until it disappears.

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are available anywhere you can buy cleaning products.

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