Cleaning and Disinfecting: Not the Same Thing

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To properly accomplish surface disinfection, you need to clean first…every time!

Here’s why:

  • It’s always better to remove than try to kill. That’s why all disinfectants say “Kills 99.9% of germs” or something similar. If you remove the germs, you don’t need to worry about killing them.
  • A visibly soiled surface cannot be properly disinfected. A disinfectant is made to kill viruses, fungi, and bacteria through direct, sustained contact. Other organic compounds can limit or completely prevent disinfection from taking place.
  • A cleaner and a disinfectant need to be separate products. A cleaner/disinfectant cannot thoroughly disinfect a surface since the detergents in the cleaner can make the disinfectant less powerful.
  • Cleaning is a quick process that requires scrubbing, wiping, or some other type of agitation. Disinfecting is a slow process that requires dwell time. Some disinfectants require the surface should be visibly wet for over 10 minutes.

To learn more, I recommend reading the blogs of the master of disinfection, J. Darryl Hicks.

If you wish to discuss disinfection techniques, please contact me.

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