A Little About Absolute Clean

Why does a cleaning business work to educate about public health?

In our opinion, our customers are using our services for two reasons, cleaning for appearance and cleaning for health. Both are important and we want to make sure that everyone understands both aspects.

The importance of cleaning for appearance is obvious to most people. People feel better in a visibly clean and organized environment. Employee morale is higher when the facility is maintained at a high level and customers who walk in the door make receive a great first impression.

Cleaning for health is a different approach since we are now dealing with contaminants that you cannot see. Surface disinfection is only part of the battle. Personal hygiene and a strong immune system are actually even more important to help prevent the spread of infectious disease throughout a home or office. Therefore, we offer educational seminars and important information via our website, newsletters, and bathroom signs. We believe that a safe and healthy workplace will increase employee productivity and decrease absence due to illness and in the home can prevent one person getting sick making the family sick.


Absolute Clean has been in the cleaning business since 1986. It was started by Daniel Matte and Ted Metaxas as M & M Cleaning and Restoration out of Southbridge, Massachusetts. In 2004 it was purchased by Anthony Fors and in 2008 changed the name to Absolute Clean.

Our commitment to public health was started in 2012 when Anthony received his certification as a Fitness Nutrition Specialist from the National Association of Sports Medicine. Through research into state-of-the-art surface disinfecting techniques, personal hygiene best practices, and improving your immune system through great fitness and nutrition, Anthony designed a program that anyone can use in their home and workplace to help live a happy and healthy life.

About Anthony

Anthony grew up in Sturbridge, Massachusetts and studied music education at UMass Amherst. After teaching instrumental music for four years, he decided his efforts were best spent in the private sector.

Having grown up in a local business he knew the importance of local business on the community and decided to purchase M & M Cleaning and Restoration in 2004.

Anthony has been able to use his training in education to help understand customers’ needs and properly train employees.